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      Centralize information with Spaces

      Spaces in Evernote Business brings people, projects and ideas together so your team can get to its best work.

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      Image of Evernote Spaces dashboard, which collects a projects notes and ideas into one organized, shared space

      Organize effortlessly

      Spaces are a home for all your team's ideas and work. Easily collect, organize, and share everything your team needs to turn inspiration into action.

      Keep teams in sync

      Every member of a space has access to everything in the space. So the information you need is easily accessible and always at your fingertips.

      Customer Stories



      Information Technology




      See the big picture

      What's new and important is automatically surfaced—like a virtual bulletin board for your team.

      Do more together

      Discover spaces in the ‘Space Directory’—and make yours searchable—to leverage the knowledge, ideas, and insights of others in your business, no matter which team they're on.