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      Accomplish more with your note-taking app


      Keep your notes handy

      Evernote syncs across your devices so your best ideas stay with you.

      Seamlessly move between devices

      Inspiration can strike anywhere. Begin a note on your phone and finish it on your laptop without losing your train of thought.

      Safe and synced

      Tired of losing track of important information? Evernote automatically saves notes online and makes them available on all your devices.

      No signal? No problem.

      With offline access, your notes are always with you—even if you’re nowhere near a WiFi or mobile data signal.

      Your notes, your way

      Find notes fast

      Notebooks and tags get you working with the information you need.

      Get organized (or not)

      Create a detailed system of notebooks or keep it simple and let our powerful search do the work. Either way, you get the right note, right away.

      A faster sort

      Tag notes with keywords to sort them by category, even if they’re saved in different notebooks. Tags make organizing easier, and endlessly flexible.

      Search made easy

      Find notes by searching for titles, dates, content types, and keywords—including words in pictures and handwriting—and get results while you type.
      Two devices are free. Upgrade to Premium to get Evernote on all your devices.

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